Lunch Recipes

The time aspect:

I make three dishes for lunch which usually includes a salad and two warm dishes. All three dishes, including washing all dishware and cleaning the stove, takes me about an hour and a half to two hours each day. Although my vegan lunch recipes do take some time to make you will notice that most of the time are taken up by stove time. So sometimes you can just throw some ingredients in a pot and sit back and relax while it cooks on the stove for an hour. And also, do take in account that I am a bit slow…

The goal aspect:

I’ve tried to follow a few vegan meal plans already but I quickly gave up on them since they were too complicated, too time consuming or even too expensive. That is why my goal is to provide others with an easy meal plan to follow; one that is affordable and not too complicated.

The cheating aspect:

Saturday lunches are usually our cheating day which means we do not use the healthiest of products. My preparation time on Friday for Saturday meals is usually quick as well; which provides me with plenty of time to clean the house.  So on the lunch menu’s you might notice some unhealthy ingredients for Saturdays.