Week 3 Lunch Menu


Day of the Week

Basic Ingredients*


Pancakes with ‘chilli’ beans inside Onions, peppers,  kidney beans
Tossed Salad Red and yellow peppers, salad leaves, cucumber


Left overs of Sunday Refer to Sunday
Pancakes with ‘chilli’ beans inside
Tossed Salad


Macaroni n Cheese Cashews, potatoes, carrots, coconut milk
Beetroot bake Beetroot
Date and Apple Salad Spinach leaves and salad leaves, dates, apples, raisins, spring onions, orange juice


Peanut Roast Breadcrumbs, peanuts, potatoes, tomatoes, onions
Gem Squash Gem Squash
Tossed Salad Red and yellow peppers, salad leaves, cucumber


Mealie meal Porridge (Krummelpap)/Maize meal Maize Meal/Mealie Meal Porridge§
Tomato and onion sauce Tomatoes, Onions
Vegan sausages Any vegan sausages (In SA: Fry’s sausages)


Potato Bake with Coconut Cream Chives/spring onion, potatoes, Coconut Cream
Mashed Sweet Potatoes Sweet Potatoes
Tossed Salad Red and yellow peppers, salad leaves, cucumber


Whole wheat Hamburgers Hamburger buns, Salad leaves, pineapple, cucumber, red onion, tomato
Home-made tomato sauce Contains some Basic Pantry List ingredients
Lentil Patties Oats, Weetbix, Parsley, Lentils
§Yellow mealie meal porridge is healthier and more filling than the white mealie meal porridge.
*Note that only basic ingredients are included here. General ingredients such as olive oil, cooking spray, lemon juice etc. are not included. Refer to Basic Pantry List Items (included in the download).

For a more colorful version, you can download week 3’s Lunch Menu (shopping list included) below:

Download “Week-3-Lunch-Menu-and-Shopping-List.pdf” Week-3-Lunch-Menu-and-Shopping-List.pdf – Downloaded 88 times – 479 KB


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