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It used to be a headache to decide what we are going to eat each day for lunch, but since I made the five week vegan lunch menus things turned out to be much easier. You can download each week’s lunch menu for free, however, please note that the menus are not professional diet plans and lack in many ways. I’m not a dietician. You can see it as a basic guideline, especially if you don’t know what to make on a particular day.

I wanted to create lunch menus that would be easy to follow. However, I think for people starting out as vegans the menus might be a little challenging. But not to worry…I’m working on the pages where each item on the lunch menu will link to one of my recipes. Thus you will know exactly how to make each item on the lunch menu. And since each week’s lunch menu includes a shopping list you will also know exactly what to buy. I hope that it will be very helpful.


2 thoughts on “Lunch Menu

  1. Hi Luzé…Wow man, this is the best website concerning health that I’ve seen in a long time. I like the clear explanation of the unfamiliar ingredients, especially for those who don’t eat as healthy. Various health websites provide ingredients that I don’t have a cooking clue what they are talking about. Then I usually just loose interest. I love the meal plans as well, since I always run out of ideas of what to eat for dinner. All women’s nightmare…
    Keep on doing what you are doing. It is wonderful and there is a great need for healthy but affordable meals. Congratulations on making a fine website.

  2. Thank you for a neat and interesting website. I am glad to see new recipes that I can try.
    Good luck.

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