Guidelines for losing weight

In life most things that claim to be a quick fix are scams…so no, this is not a quick fix. If you follow all of the guidelines below it will take a few months to work. Maybe even longer. I’m not an expert on this subject but I would like to tell you what worked for my husband and me. I know that I exercised a lot to lose a few kilograms/pounds; tried to eat healthier etc. but nothing seemed to work. But when we started following the guidelines below I noticed that I’m losing weight. Now, however, I need to work more on exercising…if the gym wasn’t that far.

Guidelines we follow:

Turning Vegan:
  • We became vegans. With that in mind…my husband likes a piece of meat, and I love fish. So instead of just going full-on vegan we eased into it by treating ourselves to fish or meat from time to time. Saturdays are still our cheating day where we will eat pudding or something unhealthy. But for the major part we stick to our vegan diet.
Two Meals:
  • We eat two meals per day. We use to eat three meals per day which included a very small breakfast, a semi-large lunch and a very large supper. For breakfast we ate a bowl of cereal and for lunch and supper I used to make a lot of food that came out of packets. Mash potatoes from a packet, cheese sauce from a packet, sweet and sour sauce from a packet etc. etc. Now we eat a very large breakfast about 08:00 in the morning and a large lunch 15:00 in the afternoon and no supper.
Whole Foods:
  • We only eat whole foods for example brown rice, whole wheat macaroni and spaghetti, whole wheat couscous etc. The flour we use is also unrefined. Cooking with unrefined products help us to not get hungry in between meals.
  • For breakfast we don’t eat cereal anymore since most cereals contain a lot of sugar and preservatives. We make our own porridge with oats or millet or bulgar wheat etc.
No Drinking with Meals:
  • We don’t drink half an hour before meals and also not an hour after meals. No, not even water. We also don’t drink with meals. But we do try to drink eight glasses of water each day.
No Healthy Snacking:
  • We don’t snack. No, not even on a fruit or something healthy. We try not to eat at all between meal times. I think this guideline really helped us to lose a few kilograms/pounds.
Eliminating sugar:
  • Instead of using cane sugar we started using fructose instead. Or even fruit itself to sweeten some dishes. You can read more about it here: Beware the hidden sugar.

I hope that if you choose to follow these guidelines you will find success! 

2 thoughts on “Guidelines for losing weight

  1. Thank you , I am going to try it. It is just very difficult to eat nothing inbetween.

    • Yes, it’s very hard in the beginning. That’s why breakfast should be enough to sustain you until lunch and lunch should be enough to sustain you until the next day or until supper which should be very light. But hang in there. 🙂

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