Beware the hidden sugar

The eczema problem:

I struggled with eczema for a long time. People use to tell me that I should just eliminate sugar from my diet, which I tried from time to time. But eliminating sugar from my porridge and from my hot beverages was seemingly not enough…I was still scratching away. So I thought the sugar was not affecting me. However, I didn’t realize that I should also avoid the sugar in products that I used every day. I was truly surprised to learn how many food products actually contained sugar. In the end I had to learn to make many products (like chutney and tomato sauce) myself in order to eliminate sugar from my life.

Tips to say goodbye to sugar:

Here are some tips to become aware of that hidden danger:

  1. When buying food items, be sure to read the labels. In the beginning it will be hard and time consuming but after a while you will know which products you can buy and which you should avoid.
  2. You can use honey, fructose or xylitol instead of sugar.
  3. Labels that say the product contains fructose should be fine to use. We’ve been using fructose (in small amounts) for a while now and my eczema is still under control. Not only did eliminating sugar help me to overcome my eczema but it also helped me overcome hay fever.
  4. Be aware of products such as cereals, tin foods, sauces, spreads and fruit juices. These are items I usually forget to check the labels for but they actually contain a lot of sugar.
  5. Note that sugar alternatives are usually more expensive…unfortunately.
  6. Check out my website from time to time because I will be adding recipes that uses sugar alternatives and recipes that contains no sugar at all, not even sugar alternatives.


Eliminating sugar






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