What Sweetly Radiant is all about

There are tons of vegan recipes out there, so why add more? The secret lies in the ingredient list. There are a few ingredients we do not use such as sugar, vinegar, table salt, margarine and any refined products. When we changed our diet we not only had to give up products such as meat, milk and eggs but we also had to give up the products mentioned earlier. Since I struggled with eczema and hay fever this extreme change was the only way to get rid of those nasty allergies. My husband and I, however, struggled to find recipes without these products. We had to replace sugar with sugar alternatives such as fructose or honey, vinegar with lemon juice, table salt with Himalayan salt, margarine with coconut oil and all refined products with unrefined products. Needless to say, we also had to experiment with tons of recipes and adapt it to fit our new diet. And now we would like to share our recipes with you…

What Sweetly Radiant is not

On Sweetly Radiant you will not find any dinner recipes since we only eat two big meals each day. Yes, you guessed it, those meals are breakfast and lunch. And we also don’t snack in between meals…hey but don’t stress…no need not to experiment with some snack recipes and eat them with breakfast. Although this way of eating may be strange it is not without reason. If you like to read a paperback book you can order a book called Ellen G. White Counsels on Diet and Foods on Amazon. If not you can read it for free online or even just scan through it before you decide if you’d like to buy it. It will tell you everything you need to know.

On Sweetly Radiant most recipes will take some time to prepare since they are made from scratch. I know that most of you are extremely busy and would like recipes that are quick to make. And that is why I’m currently wrecking my brain to find ways  to help the busy busy busy as well. 

Also, most recipes on Sweetly Radiant does not contain ingredients that are cheap. While some ingredients might be cheap, others can be very expensive. We are, most probably just like you, on a tight budget. Therefore one need to shop around for the cheapest products.

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