Welcome to Sweetly Radiant! A website whose goal it is to provide the following to you:

  • Healthy but still tasty and delicious vegan recipes. My vegan recipes are different from your average recipe sites’ since I don’t use any refined foods and products such as cane sugar and vinegar.
  • Easy and affordable lunch menus. From the lunch menu drop-down list you can choose from a five-week lunch menu plan. Each week’s menu contains a lunch menu, with a shopping list, that you can download for free. Not only can you download the lunch menu but you can also see what’s for lunch before you download it. In some cases you can even link to the recipe and see how to make the item on the lunch menu.
  • Health tips that will improve your daily living.
  • And as an extra bonus an ingredient help section. Here you can find a list of unfamiliar ingredients you might not have known about but which can be used as delicious additions to meals. You can also find a list of general used items you can replace with vegan ingredients. Furthermore, on these pages there are links to the products in order for you to see what each product look like.

I truly hope that you will find recipes here that are so delicious that you won’t even realize it’s vegan. I also hope that the recipes will be rather easy to make. If you are interested you can read about why my husband and I follow this diet by reading a little book called No More Illness. You can read it online or order a copy for free. Well then…hope you enjoy exploring Sweetly Radiant.